How much Nigeria government don collect for inside Abacha loot?

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Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption Sani Abacha rule Nigeria for 5 years with strong hand

Another breakthrough for Nigeria as Switzerland announce on Tuesday say dem go return $321 million for inside di money wey dem talk say former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha steal.

Nigeria been do talk-talk with Switzerland to return dis $321m for October 2017.

Project Manager and analyst for BudgIT, Abayomi Akinbo, tell BBC News Pidgin say im dey 75% sure say wuru-wuru no go enter dis money mata.

''Di good thing about dis one be say agreement dey and dem do am under di open government partnership wey Nigeria been sign for 2016.''

Plenty talk dey say wuru-wuru don enter how much money government don recover and wetin dem do with am.

Nobody sabi how much di total of all di money wey Abacha steal but Transparency International been talk say im steal like $5bn between 1993-1998, di five-year wey im rule Nigeria.

Another big question be how much Nigeria government don see collect from abroad for inside di money wey Abacha steal?

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Switzerland, US, Jersey Island na some of di countries where General Sani Abacha steal money keep when im rule Nigeria.

Make we try trace am

One area wey Nigerians dey yab government be say dem no dey clear about how much dem don see collect, so because of dat e dey hard to talk, but make we try.

Na when former president Olusegun Obasanjo enter office for 1999 na im start court case to collect di money wey Abacha steal keep for many bank accounts abroad.

  • For May 2002: President Obasanjo do deal with Abacha family so Nigeria go fit recover $1.2 billion.
  • For November 2003: Finance Minister for dat time Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala talk say Nigeria don collect reach $149 million from Jersey Island inside di money Abacha steal.
  • For September 2005: Okonjo-Iweala again announce for one talk-talk meeting for Switzerland say Nigeria don get $458 million and like $2 billion for asset inside wetin Abacha steal.
  • For 2007: Finance Minister dat time Nenadi Usman talk say dem use di total money wey dem don recover, wey reach $2.5 billion - give ministry of Power, Works, Health, Education, and Water Resources to do projects.
  • For 2014: Okonjo-Iweala come back to say na only $500 million na im dem recover during di time she serve as Finance Minster under Obasanjo government and dem use am do community project.
  • For June 2014 Liechtenstein return $227 million give Nigeria, still inside di money wey Abacha thief.
  • For August 7, 2014, United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announce di largest money dem don give back for di organisation history, $480 million wey dem say dem go return give Nigerian government.
  • For 2016, Switzerland confirm say dem don return $723 million so far give Nigeria government for inside di money wey Abacha steal and wey dem seize from im family.

Dis $321 million wey dem just promise to return na di latest for inside di Abacha money wey been dey Switzerland hand.