Cameroon: Tension dey Manyu division

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Image copyright BORIS HORVAT
Image caption Soldiers don full ground for English-speaking regions of Cameroon

People for Manyu division for di southwest region of Cameroon dey sleep with one eye open as tension full ground for di area.

Although gunshot never sound for di area for days now, di presence of military don increase after some people kill four soldiers and two policemen.

Tori for local media be say people for Manyu division for di southwest region dey run comot from area go take refuge for neighbouring countries.

Journal du Cameroun report say since President Paul Biya declare war ontop di Anglophone secessionists dem, people dey run with dia load for dia head.

Editor of di Post Newspaper Bouddih Adam tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Helen Oyibo say di latest tension begin after Senior Divisional Officer of Manyu division issue order say make villagers for 16 villages for di region move comot go other areas where dey safe. Government no provide place where dem suppose move go.

But di governor of di southwest region Bernard Okalia Bilai later come out to say di order wey di SDO give dey wrong. Im come out withdraw am ontop radio say di order na fake.

''Tension dey area, for some village na only like 5% of children dey go school, for some area nobody dey go at all," Adam talk.

"Young men still dey run from di village dem…young men too still full for bush where dem run go,'' im add.

For more than one year, military don full ground for di Anglophone, southwest region after dem start ginger to comot.

Tori be say dem dey find young people dem and many don run enter bush.