Nigerian Medical Association say doctors salary 'no even reach'

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Image copyright Science Photo Library
Image caption Di doctors dem for Canada say dem dey offended as dem receive big salary wen nurses and patients dey struggle

Di chairman for Nigerian Medical Association, Rivers State branch - Dr. Datonye Alasia don talk im own about di doctors dem for Canada wey dey protest say why dem go increase dia salary.

Dr Alasia follow BBC News Pidgin talk say doctors dem for Nigeria no ever try am protest against pay rise because even di one wey government dey pay dem no even dey enough.

"No be wen dem dey give person enough money, na im di person go talk say im no want again?", im ask.

Recently for Canada, more than 500 Quebec doctors and resident doctors plus over 150 medical students sign public letter to protest against dia own pay rise because nurses and patients still dey struggle.

Dem say: "Dis increase shock us well-well because our nurses, clerks and other professionals dey face very difficult working conditions, while our patients no dey fit get di services wey dem need because of di cuts and di way all di power dey for di hand of Ministry of Health."

According to Dr Alasia, di lowest take home salary wey doctors dem for Nigeria public hospital dey collect na like N170,000 and di highest na like N700,000 - N800,000.

"Wetin di doctors dem for Canada do na very noble and unselfish act," im talk.

Doctors for Canada dey receive average of $260,924 ($339,000 Canadian) for clinical services per year, according to one report from Canadian Institute for Health Information wey dem publish for September 2017.