UK: MP Mark Garnier don enter 'vibrator' wahala

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Image copyright PA
Image caption Mark Garnier na international trade minister

Member of parliament from di conservative party for UK, Mark Garnier, don come under fire after im gree say true true im send im secretary to go buy sex toys for am.

Mr Garnier former secretary Caroline Edmonson come out say im give her money to go buy two vibrators for one sex shop for Soho.

She also say another day, for front of some people Mr Garnier talk about her breasts.

According to di Mail, Mr Garnier gree say im do dis things but im no gree say dem equal to harassment.

Di cabinet office dey chook eye on top di matter to find out if im break any rule according to how minister suppose to behave.

Prime Minister Theresa May react on top di mata, she write give speaker of di house of Commons John Bercow. For her letter, she say ''di news wey I dey hear about di way dem dey treat people wey dey work for parliament dey bother me, and I dey determined to protect people wey dey work for MPs dem.''

She say di current system wey dem dey operate for people to talk if dem no like wetin dey happen, no dey fair for staff especially as dem dey young.

Di Prime Mnister say she go also ask Mr Bercow for im advice on how to change dis kain culture for Westminster.