Graduate don sue Oxford to pay am £1m for dull teaching

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Image copyright PA
Image caption Faiz Siddiqui dey sue Oxford University for £1m in damages.

High Court don begin hear di matter of one Oxford graduate wey claim say because e fail to get top degree, e don make am no dey successful for im legal career.

Faiz Siddiqui dey sama accuse say because e no receive better teaching for di modern history course na im make am no get upper second degree for June 2000.

E dey blame staff say dem no dey around to teach because dey go sabbatical leave and so e dey sue di university to pay am £1m.

Oxford don deny say dia staff no abandon dia work and no be dem make Siddiqui get 2.1 grade. Dey also say di case dey outside di legal time limit.

Siddiqui also claim say one of di lecturer no gree submit im medical information give examiners.

Im lawyer Roger Mallalieu tell Justice Foskett say Siddiqui na young man wey get better vision and im plan na to get postgraduate qualification from Ivy League university.

E say: "While 2:1 degree from Oxford fit be like big achievement to most people, no be di same thing e be to Siddiqui, na very big disappointment to am."

Image copyright PA
Image caption Julian Milford, for Oxford University, tell di court say Siddiqui describe di teaching as "little bit dull.

Mallalieu talk say Siddiqui employment history dey too poor and e no even get work now, instead of to get better career on top law tax for England or any big US law firm.

Siddiqui also talk say di clinical depression and sleeplessness wey im get don increase because of di failure for school wey e no fit explain.

Julian Milford, for Oxford University, tell di court say Siddiqui been complain say e no too get money, but e only describe di teaching for school say e dey "little bit dull".

E add say di student receive exactly di same amount of teaching as e suppose get for any other year.

Di seven-day hearing dey concern only with liability - with damages wey dem go torchlight later if Siddiqui succeed.