New York don comot 91-year dance ban

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Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Di law wey dem just comot na di Cabaret law

For Monday, di mayor for New York, Bill de Blasio, take hand sign say make dem comot di law wey don ban dancing since 1926 for di US state.

Di law na one wey ban dancing for thousands of bars, clubs and chop-chop places for di city.

According to dis law, all dis places no go fit do dancing until dem collect permit from di city.

But di permit dey very hard to collect almost impossible sef, because for di more than 22,000 bars, restaurants and clubs wey dey New York, na only around 100 get dis permit.

Di people wey back say make dem comot di law talk say e dey racist, because as at the time wey dem put di law, dem bin wan try to stop Harlem Jazz clubs wey bin dey allow blacks and whites to dey mix, dey jollificate without worry.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption New York City dey popular as "di city wey no dey ever sleep," and nightlife na one of di reasons wey e get dat name

Di city council bin vote well-well say make dem comot di law for for October 31.

Brooklyn Democratic councilman Rafael Espinal wey lead di levels say e dey unfair and e dey work against small businesses dem.

As e dey di Bill, de Blaiso talk say for 21st century dat law no make sense, because na nightlife dey bring people come together.

"We want make people wey dey work hard dey enjoy demself without old ban laws ontop dance."

Im add say: "but e no mean say law no go dey. As dis businesses no go need dancing permit any longer, dem go need security guards and cameras.