Macron: France no dey order Africa on wetin dem suppose do

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Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Macron say im follow people wey believe say Africa no need saviour

French President Emmanuel Macron wan separate im self from before-before French leaders wey feel say dem suppose tell Africa people wetin to do and how to do am.

Macron talk dis one for Ouagadouguo, Burkina Faso on Tuesday.

For im speech wey im give university students for Ouagadougou, im say, "I come from generation wey no come to tell Africa people wetin to do."

E say im generation see Nelson Mandela victory as "one of di best political memories."

Image copyright PASCAL GEORGE
Image caption Thomas Sankara achieve plenty things for four years wey make im people love am

Expose secret French file

Di young president say im go expose di secret file dem wey concern assassination of Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso revolution leader.

Thomas Sankara be Burkina Faso military captain and president from 1983 to 1987 before some soldiers kill am.

Attack on French army

Before Macron enter Ouagadougou, terrorist throw bomb near French army wey dey inside di town. Na three civilians wound.

Dis na first time wey Macron dey visit Africa and im dey do three days visit to West Africa.

Inside di visit im go attend di EU- Africa summit wey go happen for Abidjan.