Jay-Z cheat on Beyoncé before-before

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Image caption Pictures like dis bin dey trend dat time as people dey find who "Becky with di good hair" be

Jay-Z don admit say e bin dey cheat on im wife Beyoncé, for interview wey im talk about im life.

E tell The New York Times Style Magazine say na di walls wey e build because of wetin happen to am when e dey small, na im make im shut down come cheat.

E talk say, "di thing wey hard pass na when you see pain for person face wey na you cause am, and then you need to handle yourself."

Di two of dem bin don dey talk am for dia songs.

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Image caption Na sometime after di album wey Beyonce announce say she get belle

"You need survive. So you go enter hustler mode, and when you enter dat mode, wetin happen? You go just close emotionally," na wetin im talk.

E hint am say im and Beyoncé for don scatter but na therapy help am deal with wetin do am before.

For 2013, rumour come out tire say na cheating bin make #elevatorgate happen. Dat na when Solange Knowles, Beyoncé sister, bin dey attack Jay-Z for elevator and Beyoncé no even put mouth even though she bin dey there.

For di visual album wey Beyoncé do "Lemonade", one song in particular, "Sorry" be like say e dey talk about cheating.

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Image caption Di elevator fight wey Solange and Jay-Z bin get na im start di cheating rumours

And when Jay-Z bin comot im own album "4:44", e be like say e dey apologize.

Di rapper and Beyoncé bin get plan to collabo for album but that one no work again.

Jay-Z talk say, "e come be like say we dey use our music do therapy. And we start to dey do music together."

No be only im family e talk about as im also include im fight with Kanye West.

E talk say e dey hope say when e don old like 89 dem go use wetin don happen to laugh.