China jam brake for "female morality school"

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Image caption One of di videos wey make people vex, na teacher wey say make "women no strive to dey on top, make dey just dey bottom of di society"

China don close down school wey dey teach woman dem to put eye on top house work and accept say dem no better reach men for society.

Di school bin vex plenty people, after video comot, dey trend. For dia, one of di teachers bin tell im students say make "women no dey talk plenty, do more housework and shut dem mouth."

Na so more tori yarn say na mostly husbands and employers dem dey carry dis women come dis classes. Other things wey vex people about di school na teachers wey talk say "make women no try to become first for dem society, but make dem remain for bottom."

Di class wey di Fushun Traditional Cultural Research Association bin start for 2011 say dem wan put back di Confucianism values wey dem say na part of di ways wey di nation dey embrace dem tradition.

Nigerian woman, Queen-Esther Semeniworima, tell BBC Pidgin say: "na for di days of our fore-fathers wey dem no dey permit woman make she go school; her own work na to dey for house."

"But for dis modern days, all woman eye don open, and na very bad thing for woman to dey as illiterate as she no go dey exposed for many modern things."

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Image caption Di authorities for dia bin talk say di school no get authorization na why dem wan close am.

Mrs Semeniworima talk on top di matter of di husbands and employers wey dey carry dem woman enter dis kind school.

Na with laugh she say "di man na educated man? If e go school but no wan make im wife know wetin im know, I no sure say im dey do im wife better."

"For me, I dey against dat China practice wey no want make woman dey civilised," na how she end di matter.