Donald Trump wan call Jerusalem, Israel capital

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Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Al-Aqsa mosque na one of di buildings wey dey stand for Jerusalem and dey cause fight-fight for Israel and Palestine

President Donald Trump go soon talk say United States go see Jerusalem as di capital of Israel and e go arrange things make dem move di American Embassy go dat side.

Im suppose talk dis on Wednesday 6 December, and di talk go change US diplomacy matter wey dey help balance fight-fight matter between Israel and Palestine - Palestine dey also look Jerusalem as dia capital.

As e be so, no country get embassy for dat city but many Arab country dem no like wetin Trump wan do.

Jerusalem na important city and im don dey di middle of di fight-fight between Israel and Palestine.

Some world leaders don already chook mouth inside di matter.

King Abdullah II of Jordan talk for statement from im Embassy say make US do wetin dem dey plan as Jerusalem na important city wey dey help make peace dey for dat region and di world.

Navil Abu Rudeina wey be talk-talk person for President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine say na dangerous thing US wan try do, as peace for dat region go dey affected.

Egypt President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi drop im own word say, make Oga Trump no go do something wey go affect di peace of di people wey dey live for Middle East.