'I go export snake and dog meat to help di economy if I become president' - Kenya presidential candidate


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George Wajackoya tell im supporters during im campaign for Western Kenya for weekend say, if dem make am president, im go export snakes and dogs meat go China and oda kontris to take improve di kontri income.

E also add say, im go make am legal to plant marijuana or igbo for di kontri so dem go fit to export am.

Oga George dey among di only four pipo wey Kenya electoral commission give approval to run for 2022 presidential election.

If e win election, e promise to create position for eight prime ministers and to suspend di kontri constitution for six months to allow pipo dictate wetin dem want to include for di document.

Who be George Wajackoya?

Kenya grassroot presidential candidate George Wajackoya say im dey determined to fix di kontri economic challenges.

George Luchiri Wajackoya na professor of law, kenya politician, and priest.

E dey contest di election under di Roots Party of Kenya and na popular supporter for di use of medical marijuana

Dem born am for Mumias but im grow up for Indangalasia village, West Wanga, for Kenya.

At di age of 16 years, George for history of im life wey im write for Facebook say im run from home, from im village go di capital, Nairobi.

E live for street until some pipo from Hare Krishna rescue am.

Na from dia e kontinu im education.

E join St. Peter Mumia Boys High School. Den later go different universities to get many different certificates.

Wajackoya don work as human right activist and im don also lecture law and economics plus international relations for different universities for Kenya, US and UK.

Tins you need to know about Kenya election 2022

Di Kenya general election go happun dis year on 9 August, as President Uhuru Kenya dey end im two term in office.

For dis election pipo go vote for di president, members of parliaments, senate, county govnors and members of di 47 county assemblies.

Di Constitution of Kenya no get room for third term, diafore, President Uhuru Kenyatta no go fit contest for di 2022 election.