Lawyer tok how Ohio police officers shoot Black man dozens of time as im dey run

Ohio police officers shoot Black man wey dey run dozens of time, lawyer tok

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Attorney Bobby DiCello hold one photograph of Jayland Walker

Police kill Jayland Walker, one Black man for Ohio, as dem shoot am dozens of times wen im dey run from officers afta a traffic stop.

Na Jayland family lawyer Bobby DiCello yarn dis one and cite review of police body-worn camera footage wey dem go make public on Sunday.

For comments wey Akron Beacon Journal publish on Saturday, DiCello describe di video as "brutal".

E tok say Walker relatives dey worried say protests for dis weekend fit turn violent.

Di shooting na di latest in series of killings of Black men by law enforcement for di United States wey critics say dey unjustified.

One of dem na di 2020 murder of George Floyd for Minneapolis wey spark global protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

"All of us dey prepare for di community response, and di one message wey we get be say di family no need any more violence," DiCello tok.

Akron police say Walker, 25, fire gun at officers wey dey pursue am.

Dem plan to release dia body camera footage afta a news conference on Sunday, hours before one protest march dey scheduled.

"Protest na way of crying," Rodderick Pounds Sr., pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Akron, tok during one prayer rally for dia on Saturday afta dem permit am to see di video before dem make am public.

Pounds no gree tok in detail "di graphic video wey di world go soon see," but im call di footage "shocking".

E say di video show say Walker no pose any threat wen dem shoot am in a manner di pastor describe as "massacre".

"E dey barbaric," Pounds tok for one interview wit local television station WEWS-TV. "You go see am tomorrow."

Officials don tok say di deadly confrontation begin wen officers try stop Walker sake of traffic violation wen im dey drive early Monday morning.

Walker run, according to Akron Police Department, wey tok say officers report say gun bin dey fired from Walker vehicle.

Afta several minutes Walker komot from im vehicle and run, and officers chase am on foot and fire am, and tok say im na "deadly threat," di police department tok for inside one statement on Tuesday.

Dem pronounce Walker dead for di parking lot where im fall.

Police representatives no respond immediately to requests for comment on Saturday.

DiCello say im team neva see any evidence say Walker fire weapon. E say police body-camera footage showed am running as im back officers wen dem gun am down.

"Im just dey run wen dem drop am by I tink more dan 90 shots," DiCello tell di Beacon Journal.

"Now how many of di shots land, according to our investigation right now, we dey get details wey suggest 60 to 80 wounds."

E no dey clear how many bullets strike Walker becos bullets fit cause wounds both entering and exiting di body, DiCello tok.

Television station WJW-TV tok say preliminary report from di medical examiner's office find out say Walker sustain multiple gunshot wounds for head, torso and legs.

Di report also find out say Ohio's Bureau of Criminal Investigation recover weapon from one car, but e no specific which car.

Pounds tell WEWS say Walker "no get weapon wen dem shoot am. Na inside im car."

Compounding di tragedy, according to di Beacon Journal, Walker's fiance bin die for car accident last month, though WJW cite attorneys for im family as saying Walker no get intention of harming imsef or odas wen dem kill am.

Dem don place di officers wey involve in di shooting on administrative leave during investigation, di department's statement tok.