'I spend 35 years for UK now dem wan deport me'

Signboard of Heathrow Immigration Removal Centre

“Wia I wan see free healthcare for Nigeria? No hope for me if dem deport me go back Nigeria, I go just die. I get type 2 diabetes, I dey hypertensive, I get chest pain, wia I wan get treatment for Nigeria. Na die once dem drop me for airport.”

Dis na wetin Shola (no be her real name) tell BBC Pidgin as United Kingdom Home Office dey plan to deport some mothers, grandmothers and odas to Nigeria and Ghana.

Shola, wey currently dey detention since two weeks, say she don live for UK for more dan 35 years and she get four children wey be British citizens.

Some of di pipo wey dey face deportation na pipo wey bin claim asylum for di UK sake of different reasons.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Foto wey show outside of di detention centre

Among dis pipo di UK dey deport na gay pipo wey say dem escape from dia home kontris wey fit send dem to jail sake of homosexuality.

According to Shola, di plan to deport dem don start since 2010 sake of say she no get papers, and dis situation wey she find herself dey give am mental health issue.

“No paper wey I never show dem, dem just dey cancel am. E dey cause mental disturbance for me, all di illness wey I no get before, I don dey get dem,” Shola tok.

Shola say she don spend over 25 thousand pounds sake of say she won get her papers and pipo just dey extort am instead of helping her to get her papers.

She also tell BBC Pidgin say notin dey for am for Nigeria as na ontop her deportation case her mama die wen di tin first start.

Shola claim say all di men wey she date for UK subject her to domestic violence sake of say she no fit complain as she no get papers.

'Fourth time for detention'

Di UK Home Office suppose put Shola and odas wey dey detention for flight on Wednesday to deport dem back to dia kontris, but dem don cancel her flight afta she access legal aid through Movement for Justice.

Shola say she won go home to meet her pikin dem and add say her children really feel bad for wetin dey happun to dia mama.

“I wan go house [for UK] go meet my pikin dem. Dem dey feel bad all di time. Dis na di fourth time wey I dey chop detention.”

Shola say she see women between di age bracket of 60 and 75 years wey also dey detention sake of say dem no get papers.

'Fighting to stop di detention'

Wia dis foto come from, @no2hassockfield/Instagram

Wetin we call dis foto,

Pipo gada for Derwentside Immigation Removal Centre to protest di deportation of Africans

She tok say she look forward to come out of detention and get her papers so all dis detention and deportation wahala go stop.

Karen Doyle of di Movement for Justice wey be UK charity fighting di deportation of pipo wey dey detention also follow BBC Pidgin tok.

She say some of di pipo wey risk deportation come from different kontris, including Nigeria Ghana, Jamaica, and Zimbabwe.

Doyle say some of di pipo wey di UK won deport to dia home kontris get multiple health conditions.

“We no say dem spread pipo between three or four detention centres, so we no sabi how many pipo dey Nigeria and Ghana charter flight. We suspect say about thirty dey at risk. We know say some fit don get dia tickets cancelled yesterday and today, so we no fit tell di final number,” she tok.

Doyle say dis kind tin dey devastating for dis pipo, dia children and dia grandchildren sake of say many of dis pipo no get connection for Nigeria and Ghana wey fit help dem wen dem arrive in dia home kontris.

She also tok say many of dis pipo get significant vulnerabilities and to assess help and support go dey difficult for dem.

Doyle say some of di pipo wey di UK won deport no get any criminal records. She say na pipo wey dey try regularise dia stay for di UK.

Bella Swankey wey be di director at Detention Action tell BBC Pidgin say some of di women dem contact dey suffer from mental health illness.

She say one of di big problems be say limited access dey to legal advice to pipo wey dey immigration detention.

Dr Helen Groom dey currently lead protest to stop women from being removed from di Hassockfield/Derwentside Immigration removal centre to join di deportation flight.

She tell BBC Pidgin say dem no go stop dia protest until dem dey sure say pipo wey dey detention centre no go join di deportation flight.

Di Nigeria in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) tok say dem no sabi di arrangement by Home Office to deport some Nigerians back home.

Meanwhile di home office never respond to BBC Pidgin request for more information about di deportation.