How Lumumba family verify di tooth wey Belgium give dem dey genuine

Patrice Lumumba's tooth: How Lumumba family verify di tooth wey Belgium give dem dey genuine

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One coffin, wey contain Patrice Lumumba tooth, go several parts of DR Congo before Thursday funeral

Patrice Lumumba tooth finally dey buried in Democratic Republic of Congo, 61 years afta im assassination.

Authorities for di Central African nation do burial ceremony for Lumumba tooth on Thursday, June 30.

DR Congo pipo observe a three-day national mourning since Monday in honor of dia independence hero.

Dem organise silent parade, exhibition, religious and cultural program in honor of Lumumba.

Patrice Émery Lumumba gold-crowned tooth na im be di only tin wey remain of di hero of Congolese independence.

Belgium authorities hand ova Lumumba tooth to im family last week for one ceremony for Brussels.

September 2020 na im Court for Belgium rule say di remaining part of di Congolese independence leader deadi bodi, wey Belgium keep afta im murder, fit return to im family.

Di relic na di only remaining part of Lumuba, wey separatist rebels kill for 1961 colliding wit Belgian mercenaries.

But, some pipo dey ask questions whether dis na im authentic tooth.

Lumumba tooth - How im family verify am

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Jean-Jacques Lumumba

Hear wetin Jean-Jacques Lumumba, grand-nephew of Patrice Lumumba tok.

“We verify say na Patrice Lumumba tooth,” e tell BBC.

''Dem do all di necessary examinations, even if dem no push for DNA tests sake of how old di tooth be, because dem keep di tooth for 61 years,'' e explain.

Jean-Jacques Lumumba consider di debate on di authenticity of Patrice Emery Lumumba tooth as one pointless controversy.

Lumumba grand-nephew prefer instead make we focus on di trial so dat justice go dey done.

''Di family bin file one complaint against pipo wey bin dey directly involved in di death of Patrice Emery Lumumba,'' e tok

“And today many of dis pipo don die. Only two of di accused remain,” im add.

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One gold-crowned tooth na di only tin wey remain of di hero of Congolese independence.

Na di Belgian police commissioner, Gérard Soete bin hold Patrice Lumumba tooth.

Na him oversee and participate in di destruction of im remains and e take di tooth.

Gérard Soete, bin appear for one 1999 documentary, e describe di tooth and fingers im take as "a kind of hunting trophy".

Soete bin keep di tooth inside one padded box for im house for Belgium.

Oga Jean-Jacques Lumumba call for more involvement from di Congolese goment ''to begin civil proceedings to demand and advance di file.''

Patrice Lumumba son say ''Na endless mourning''

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Roland Lumumba

Di return of di remains of Patrice Lumumba to im kontri, according to im son Roland Lumumba, na feeling of duty accomplished.

E say e dey relieve to finally dey able to bury im father remains.

Na for 1961, dem shoot am by firing squad wit di support of di former colonial power Belgium.

Dem bury im body for one shallow grave, dem dig am up, transport am 200 km rebury am, exhume am and  finally dissolve am inside acid.

“Our experience during mourning dey hard, because na interminable mourning,” Roland Lumumba tell BBC.

Patrice Lumumba assassination

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Di official burial ceremony dey happun on Thursday 30 June 2022 for di tooth of di Congolese independence leader Patrice Lumumba for di capital Kinshasa.

For 2002, Belgium bin tok sorry for di role wey dem play for di death of di first prime minister of independent Congo.

Dem bin overthrow Lumumba afta less than three months for office and dem come hand di kontri over to separatists militia wey bin get Belgium backing.

Di militia bin kill am for firing squad on 17 January, 1961.

Inside one 1999 book by sociologist Ludo Di Witte, Belgian Police Commissioner Gérard Soete bin explain how dem troway Lumumba deadi bodi.

Dem gatz use saw cut Lumumba into pieces come dissolve im deadi bodi inside sulfuric acid.

Soete wey die for 2000, also tok for one German documentary say dem keep two of Lumumba teeth.

Patrice Emery Lumumba dem born am for born 2 July, 1925, for Onalua, Belgian Congo [now Democratic Republic of the Congo].

Lumumba become African nationalist leader as di first prime minister of Democratic Republic of the Congo from June to September 1960.

But dem force am out of office during one political crisis, dem kill alias assassinate am for Katanga province just months afta.