'I wan dey normal like oda kids' - 12-year-old Israel Ajofoyinbo wey dey live wit spinal condition

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'I wan dey normal like oda kids' - 12-year-old Israel Ajofoyinbo wey dey live wit spinal c

“Di saddest tin wey pesin don tell me be say one of my husband friend come tell my husband say e go marry physically challenged, see wetin e born for am”.

Owotuntun Abiola wey be mama of Israel Ireyimika Ajofoyinbo , one 12 years old boy wey get Idiophatic scoliosis condition tell BBC Pidgin wetin dem dey go through sake of her son health wahala.

According to wetin Madam Abiola tok, na since baby she sabi say something no dey right about her pikin as Ireyimika no gree work on time, e pass one year. e reach twoy ears old before e beging waka.

“We bin carry am go hospital and dme say na to straight im leg wey bend so im go fit waka, like play like play naso di matter take start”.

“Di tin be say dem no tell us wetin dey do di boy, we just dey do e-xray do e-xray”.

Owotuntun Abiola say na until when she meet one Doctor wey she ask for di name of her oikin condition wen e come tell am say na idiopathic thoracic scoliosis, dat time e dey eight years.

Israel say e want dey normal like oda pikins  

“I want be normal, I want play with oda pikins,I wan go school. When oda pikins dey play I dey feel sad”.

Israel Ireyimika Ajofoyinbo yarn BBC Pidgin say im for like play wit oda pikins but im condition no gree am, and e dey pain am so much.

Israel mama say as her pikin be 12 years so, dem don do more dan 20 scans and 50 x-ray as dem don spend plenti money and dem still dey spend go, cos dem want make di pikin well.

She say e no dey easy to take care of di boy as she sef dey physically challenged.

Wetin be Thoracic Scoliosis?

According to sabi pipo, Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis be abnormal curve of di spine wey dey show for late childhood or adolescence.

As e dey happun be say Instead make e grow straight, di spine go develop side-to-side curve,wey usually dey elongated or "C" shape; di bone wey dey di spine also slightly twist or rotate.

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis dey show during adolescent growth, time when pikins dey grow fast.

Dem say for many cases, di abnormal spinal curve dey stable, although for some pikin di curve dey progressive (e mean say e dey become more serious over time).

For reasons wey pipo no sabi , serious and progressive curve dey shelle more for girls dan boys.

We ghas know say, mild spinal curvature dey  common for girls and boys, dem tok.

Israel mama say di condition dey cause make back dey painher pikin and di tin go dey shook am.

Dis na despite say dem don spend plenti moni.

“Weather e lie down o, or e siddon or e stand up o, estill dey get pains”.

“I know say many pipo go dey think say na spiritual attack, Thioratic Scoliosis no be spiritual attack, na medical condition and oyinbo pipo sef never get di tin wey cause am”.

She add say  E pain ams ay na when Israel reach seven years she first sabi di condition wey e get.

“ My pipo, if you see any changes for your pikin, abeg no say I go pray over am, go hospital make you go know di name of di tin gangan and wetin to do”.

“If to say we sabi dis my pikin condition quick quick, mayb dem go just bandage im body, but dis one now, dem say na fusion we go do, Abiola add.