Nigeria 'spy girl' go get millions for damages a year afta police detain her

Glory Okolie

Wia dis foto come from, Glory Okolie

Glory Okolie go get about one point five million dollars for unlawful detention by di Nigerian police, one court don rule.

Justice Y. Haliyu of di FCT High Court, Abuja on Thursday grant Okolie request wey she file to award di sum of 600 million naira.

Na compensation for punitive and general damages wey Police cause Glory Okolie. di judge rule.

Na for August 2021 Nigeria Police Force say dem arrest Glory Okolie wey dem call 'militant spy girl'.

Police claim say she dey help proscribed group, Indigenous People of Biafra and dia armed wing, di Eastern Security Network [ESN].

22-year-old Glory Okolie for case wey she file before Justice Halilu court ask di court to mandate di Attorney General of di Federation and di Nigeria Police Force  to pay her di sum of One Hundred Billion Naira (N100,000,000,000.00).

She tag am as general and punitive damages separately, for infringing on her rights.

'Glory Okolie timely judgement'

Lawyer of Glory Okolie say di judgement for dis case dey timely and e no really expect am.

Samuel Ihensekhien jnr tell BBC Pidgin say e shock am well well.

''Di judgement come as shock great surprise to me, I bin dey always belive say di Human Rights of evri Nigeria na 'valuable'.

"So di security pipo no get any right to do person or pipo anyhow dem like, and oppress or match dia head for ground.

Ihensekhien jnr add say di Nigerian Constitution dey to guide evribodi about dia rights.

"Na beta and koret judgement and na one of di beta judgesment wey don comeout from court in recently"

More dan 51 civil  society  groups support dis Glory Okolie case.

Who be Glory Okolie

Glory okolie na di innocent girl,  wey di Intelligence Response Unit (IRT) Depart of di Nigeria Police Force allegedly detain illegally .

She stay for Police cell for more dan 240 days sake of accuse wey Police sama for her head.

Abuja based human rights  lawyer,samuel ihensekhien jnr na im dey stand for Court on glory behalf.  

 Glory dey 21 years and na on 13, June 2021 she miss as she go message for Imo State , South Eastern Nigeria.

She no come back since dat day.

 Her family members beginto find her from 17th June 2021, dem search hospitals, churches, and mosque, but dem no see her.

Di case file show say na “ phone tracking na im dem take know say she dey for detention by di IGP IRT officers for dia Owerri Tiger base unit but di Tiger base deny say dem no see her "

Why Police bin arrest Gloria Okolie

According to di police, 22-year old Gloria Okolie dey complicit on "well coordinated attacks on security formations, di burning down of election office and killing of security operatives for di south-eastern part of di kontri.

"But close friend to di family and human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu don deny di allegations wey di police label for Gloria head.

Harrison wey don champion di call for her release say di 22-year old girl dey innocent and don call on Nigerians to help im cause.

Inside post wey im make on 18 August 2021, Harrison say Gloria don dey miss since 17 June and di family bin don search hospitals and mortuaries only to find out say police don transfer her go Abuja.

Police say dia investigations reveal say Gloria Okolie allegedly be member of Ipob/ESN for Imo State.

Dem claim say she work closely wit ESN commanders wey dem bin don earlier declare wanted and bin allegedly serve as middleman wey dey receive cash, drugs and weapons on behalf of Ipob and ESN members.

Di police add say dem later arrest Gloria as part of dia ongoing investigations and implementation of special operation to restore peace for di south-east region.

How long pesin fit dey for detention?

E dey illegal for di police to keep person longer dan 24 or 48 hours in dia custody without court order.

Police fit detain you for only maximum of 24 hours.

Di 1999 Nigerian constitution tok say anybodi wey dem arrest or detain suppose face court witin a “reasonable time”.

According to di constitution, di reasonable time na between 24 hours wen a court of competent jurisdiction dey nearby witin 40 kilometres to di police station or a period of two days in any oda case.