BBC Pidgin Everi year Essay Competition (You fit write Pidgin?)

BBC Pidgin Everi year Essay Competition (You fit write Pidgin?)

Privacy Notice

Everi pesin wey wan apply must submit essay wey get between 800 to 1000 words, togeda wit dia name, phone number, address, e-mail address and short tori about who dem be. Di theme of di Essay na "Africa Youth don ready for Political Leadership?" Any pesin wey win go need to provide dia address before dem go fit collect prize. Di BBC go use dis personal informate for dis competition only, and we no go publish dem or give am to anybodi witout your permission. Di BBC na im be di controller of dis personal informate and we go follow wella di data protection law wen we go handle your informate. Di BBC go process di personal informate of everi pesin wey apply for only dat purpose. Di BBC go hold di informate of those wey no pass for only dat period of di competition. Dem go keep di informate of di pesin wey win to maintain order for two years and publish am for Pidgin website ( For more info on top how BBC go use your informate and your rights concerning your info, abeg go or send email go (

Rules wey you go follow to apply (How you go fit enter)

1.For any work to qualify, e must reach all dis standard:

1.1.Di work must be essay wey get between 800 to 1000 words;

1.2.Di pesin wey write di work must be 18 years old or don pass dat age;

1.3.Di pesin wey write di work must be current student of tertiary school for Africa

1.4.E must write am for Pidgin plus follow all di rules of grammar and comma, full stop (punctuation);

1.5.Di pesin wey go submit di work must be di pesin wey write am, make e no be anoda pesin wey help am submit;

1.6.Only one story pesin wey wan apply fit submit;

1.7.Make wetin you wan write about no get any link wit pornography, or praise terrorism, and make pikin dem or any group look bad inside di society;

1.8.Di decision wey di Judges take on top who dey qualify or dia wok, na final and no oda pesin go chook mouth inside.

Di BBC go dey happy to broadcast some of those wey dem shortlist for BBC Pidgin digital and social media platforms but we go make sure say we do am wit di agreement from di pesin. Some of di entries fit dey publish inside one book but dem neva confam dis info because dis go depend on approval from BBC.

E no get any law wey by-force di BBC to broadcast or publish any of di entries.

2.To Submit:

2.1.You must submit everi-everi through email to and add all dis informate of di writer join:


•Phone number(s)


•Email address(es)

•Short tori about yourself

2.2.We no accept any work wey no meet all dis standard wey we write down.

2.3.Dis competition no dey open to pipo wey dey work for BBC or relatives of pipo wey dey work for BBC.

3.Submission to enter di competition dey open on Monday 6 August, 2018.

4.Closing date for submission na 23:59 GMT on Sunday 2 September 2018. We no go look any submit wey enter afta dis time and date.

5.All submission must be di original work of who dey apply for di competition and you must obey di rules.

Anybodi wey apply must not break di rights of oda pipo (including privacy rights) and must not be wetin wey go spoil anoda pesin good name or no follow for law.

Di BBC no go accept gbese if pesin wey apply no follow all dis rules and di pesin go agree to pay di BBC back against any claim wey anybodi cari come on top say di pesin no follow di rules.

6.If dem shortlist your work, dem go tell you wey apply to complete one licence form so dat BBC go fit air your story for BBC services and may be, invite you to record your story for broadcast or for interview. If BBC decide to publish book of few of di pesin dem wey apply, di licence go also fit make di BBC to add dia story for inside di book.

Na only one winner go dey and e go get one year academic scholarship wey go cover academic text books wey di winner need.

7.By submitting dia works, those wey dey apply don agree to must follow di rules.

8.Stage One - Shortlisting

Wetin pesin need before dem go shortlist im work na:

•To dey creative wit Pidgin

•Get storytelling ability

•Sabi how to write well-well

•Dey easy to understand tins and explain am well to odas

•Follow di Pidgin rules of grammar and comma, full stop; dat na punctution

9.Panel of judges go look well-well all di entries and dem go use di standard wey we don list take judge di works and select who be winner.

9.1. Di pesin wey win go get notice from 10 to 12 September 2018.

10.Di judges decision na final. We no go call pesin wey no win and we no go give reply concerning how any entry waka pass.

11.Winners must not mention di collecting of dis award for form unless and afta BBC don approve date for writing. Any bodi wey break dis law fit dey disqualify or dem go re-torchlight im award.

12.Di BBC fit invite di winner to come attend di event where dem go hand over di prize give am for Lagos. (BBC go pay fair costs of travel and accommodation if need be. All di pipo wey dey invite need to get dia own transport by demsef and pay for di transport cost from dia own pocket).

13.Di BBC get di right to disqualify any entry wey break any of dis rules.

14.Di BBC get di right to re-arrange dis rule for any stage, dis one include to change or replace di selection process or di judging panel. When dis happun, we go post notice for dis website:

15.All dis dey follow di laws of England and Wales.