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  1. Four candidates from Rivers State turn up to share wetin dem wan do for dia pipo if dem become di next govnor
  2. Precious Elekima of SDP, Eniye Braide of ADC, Isaac Wonwu of Labour Party and Victor Fingesi of ADP
  3. Tinini delay make di debate to start by 11am, one hour afta original time
  4. Dis na di second govnorship debate wey BBC Pidgin package afta di Uyo debate wey shele on 17 January
  5. Use di hashtag #BBCGovDebate or #BBCPidginDebate ontop social media to chook mouth for today debate

Live Reporting

By Olu Okunnu

All dem times wey dem write be UK

  1. Final goodbye for today

    Na for here we go march brake for today live page update wia we don tell una some of di tins wey di candidates tok, post correct foto and show una kweshions and comments from social media.

    Our next govnorship #BBCPidginDebate go shele for Delta State on 7 February.

    We get confidence say una no go fall our hand and una go join us again on dat day. Till den, bye-bye.

    We leave una wit dis audience member wey carri two hands up like pesin wey dey do 'tuale'!

    Audience member wey carri two hands up
  2. Final tok from di candidates dem

    Elekima say make Rivers choose pipo wey go help di state say politics no be game.

    Fingesi say make una remember say we wan pursue poverty and give pipo education and stop tif-tif of Rivers pipo money.

    Eniye say make pipo remember say im get key to bring peace and beta tins, say make pipo vote for am.

    Wonwu shift im attention to peace wen e say "make una vote Labour Party so dat dem go bring change for Rivers state".

  3. Thank you to evribodi wey join us today

    As we wrap up di second BBC Pidgin govnorship debate...

    Di BBC Governorship Debate for Rivers State don come to an end.

    Di four candidates don tok dia plan and ansa kwesions from audience and from social media.

    But di tok-tok around wetin go make Rivers State beta neva end. Join us on social media with hashtag #BBCGovDebate and #BBCPidginDebate.

    We also thank Isaac Wonwu of Labour Party, Victor Fingesi of Action Democratic Party, Eniye Braide of di African Democratic Congress and Precious Elekima of Social Democratic Party (wey join us today).

    Again, we say sorry for di debate wey delay small.

    Dis page go dey live till 2pm.

  4. #BBCGovDebate dey trend for social media

    Look Ma, we don make am!

    E good sef. Social media pipo no fit claim say dem no know say ogbonge Rivers State govnorship debate happun today.

    #BBCGovDebate dey trend
  5. And wat about di soot evriwia (di black tin wey dey air)

    Wetin be modular refinery?

    Wen we ask di gonorship candidates how dem go take solve di problem of soot wey full everiwia for di state, three of di four candidates say dem go do 'modular industries/refineries'.

    But abeg, who sabi wetin modular industries/refineries mean? and why e be say if na solution true true, oda goments before never don do am.

    Elekima own be say im go look for money to buy machines wey go help reduce burn fire.

    Candidates for Rivers State govnorship
  6. Abeg ask any kweshion wey dey your mind

    Live audience for di debate no dull demsef - kweshions dey come left, right, center.

    Kweshion time
    Kweshion time
    Kweshion time
    Kweshion time
  7. On di kweshion of serious road traffic...

    Victor Fingesi
    Isaac Wonwu
    Eniye braide
    Precious Elekima
  8. Live video stream dey here

    If na video of how e dey happun korokoro you wan watch ontop computer or your mobile phone, dis na wia you fit watch am.

    BBC Pidgin website:

    Or ontop Facebook Live:

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  9. Rivers State, una sabi una govnorship candidates?

    Candidates for stage
    Labour Party candidate
    SDP candidate
    ADP candidate
    PDP candidate
  10. Post update

    Quote Message: I be architect and I dey do plenti projects, I go bring peace because I get experience for dat one. from Eniye Braide ADC govnorship candidate
    Eniye BraideADC govnorship candidate
  11. Post update

    Quote Message: I go make sure say education reach evribodi and I go make sure say we bring in mechanised agriculture from Isaac Wonwu Labour Party govnorship candidate
    Isaac WonwuLabour Party govnorship candidate
  12. Post update

    Quote Message: Plenti dey for Rivers state but all of us dey suffer. I wan change am. from Victor Fingesi ADP govnorship candidate
    Victor FingesiADP govnorship candidate
  13. Post update

    Quote Message: I want make sure say pipo get freedom and peace and to get money. If I be govnor, in six months, nobodi for Rivers state wey no go get work. from Precious Elekima SDP govnorship candidate
    Precious ElekimaSDP govnorship candidate
  14. SDP candidate Precious Elekima don join di debate

    Oga Elekima of di Social Democratic Party don join us for di govnorship debate. All set now...

    Precious Elekima of SDP
  15. Tinini delay... we dey start in 10 minutes time

    Abeg make una no vex oh, we bin dey try put some tins togeda wey make us delay small.

    Everytin don set now and we go soon start di debate.

  16. Isaac Wonwu of Labour Party

    Live in da building

    Isaac Wonwu of Labour Party
  17. 'We no wan pesin wey go come use us play'

    Three guests for ground follow us tok about wetin dem dey expect from di candidates

    Lulu Ibineye wey follow for pipo wey arrive early say im happy say BBC carri dis kain debate show for dia domot. "We believe say through dis program di candidates go fit show wetin dem go fit do and pipo go see how dem be, dat one go help pipo know who dem go vote".

    Chinwendu Gift say "I carri one tin for mind come dis debate, I want hia from di aspirants di one wey get beta tin wey im wan do for Rivers state, becos dis new pipo wey dey join di race, we no wan pesin wey go come use us play".

    Esther Edward say she dey expect say from di debate she go sabi wetin be di plan wey di candidates get for Rivers pipo for di next four years. "From di debate I go ask dem kweshion to be sure say dem go fit do wetin dem promise if dem win" na wetin Esther tok.