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Live Reporting

By Daniel Semeniworima

All dem times wey dem write be UK

  1. Video content

    Video caption: Coronavirus tips: How to self-isolate to prevent di spread of Covid-19

    We share 5 tips to epp anybodi wey need to, or dem don tell to self-isolate to prevent di spread of Covid-19.

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    Remember, make you dey wash your hands. Covid-19 dey rea

  3. East Africa roll out plan wey go helep di economy ontop Covid-19 palava

    Finance ministers for East Africa don list measures dem go use to take improve di economic impacts of coronavirus.

    Di goment of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania don all outline dia spending and taxation plan for budget announcements wey suppose happen on di same day.

    Money wey goment for di three kontris don spend reach $52.6bn (£41.7bn).

    For Kenya, di goment don put $500m to spend on tourism, manufacturing and agricultural sectors, wey dey affected by di measures dey cari out to stop spread of Covid-19.

    To help pay for goment spending, Kenya’s Finance Minister Ukur Yatani don propose new tax on companies wey dey provide digital services, wey fit be controversial.

    Uganda show plans to delay di payment of corporate and income tax to relief di burden on companies and employees.

    Tanzania Finance Minister Philip Mpango stress say di government go maintain dia levels of spending but acknowledge say di pandemic go reduce economic growth from 6.9% to 5.5%.

  4. Children fit spread coronavirus if schools reopen?

    Children playing

    How likely e dey for children to catch and even spread coronavirus be frequent topic wen dem dey discuss whether to reopen schools.

    Di problem be say Covid-19 be new disease and no be something wey scientists don study - meaning di data wey dey available on di subject dey small for now.

    Children be super-spreaders for disease like flu but e be like say e no be di same for coronavirus. Children dey top of disease spreaders because dem like to touch touch but dem no dey wash dia hands every time and dem dey dey close to oda pipo.

    But scientific evidence show say only small number of children dey sick sake of coronavirus. For evidence wey dey ground, children and adolescent dey half likely to catch coronavirus as adult.

    Scientist dey look di blood of children and adult around di world to see how children fit spread coronavirus.

    Some evidence show say children spread di disease less dan adult. Nobody no why dis be. Also World Health Organisation say kontris wey leave dia schools open no get big outbreaks wey centre around schools.

    Children fit catch coronavirus but nobody dey sure how fast dem fit spread am as scientific evidence no dey to draw conclusions.

  5. White House fear say Covid-19 cases fit rise sake of protest

    Thousands of pipo protest on top di black man wey America police kill.
    Image caption: Thousands of pipo protest on top di black man wey America police kill.

    US White House Coronavirus Task Force don draw ear give govnors for di kontri say di number of coronavirus cases fit rise sake of di massive Black Lives Matter protest wey di death of George Floyd cause.

    For conference call wey di kontri vice-president Mike Pence bin do wit state leaders, im say, "we respect di right of every American to exercise dia First Amendment rights, but we dey encourage dem to do am safely."

    Task Force expert Dr Deborah Birx tok for di meeting say, number of cases bin reduce dis recent week, but e no clear weda na di mask wey di protesters bin wear help prevent any additional spread - especially as higher-risk groups join peaceful demonstrations.

    US no be di only kontri wey dey worry about how di Black Lives Matter protest go affect di pandemic.

  6. Coronavirus: Outbreaks for Africa dey increase - WHO

    South Africa get highest number of Covid - 19 cases for Africa
    Image caption: South Africa get highest number of Covid - 19 cases for Africa

    Di World Health Organization don warn say di spread of coronavirus dey increase seriously for Africa.

    According to di global health body, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire don record di highest number of Covid-19 cases.

    Di sub Saharan Africa director for di WHO, Dr Matshidiso Moeti explain say di reason for di increase na because testing materials don plenty for di region. Moeti also tok say di lockdown rule wey many African goments put in place give dem opportunity to screen many pipo and do plenty test.

    Wetin dey worry WHO now na di way di virus dey spread for different communities, dem claim say dis community transmission, wey start from di cities don de yenta villages small-small and health care systems for those places dey very weak.

    From di 200,000 reported cases for di continent, 75% dey for di sub-Saharan region.

    WHO figure show say South Africa get more than quarter of di continent cases.

  7. How plane passengers fit stay safe?

    Air passengers

    Passengers for flights suppose ask permission before dem go into toilet and comot row by row, according to one panel of aviation health experts.

    Di panel don make series of recommendations to di UK Department for Transport on how to make air travel dey safe.

    Di recommendations also include say passengers must wear face wey dey cover dem all times and air crew suppose give dem alcohol-based wipes to clean dia table or oda surfaces.

    However, di experts say make dem dey careful over effectiveness of temperature screening and coronavirus swab tests for airports.

    Airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair dey plan to start to dey operate more flights later dis month.

  8. Lawmakers for Ethiopia don extend dia time for office indefinitely

    Lawmakers for Ethiopia don vote to extend di term of di current goment and di Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ‘indefinitely’.

    Dis dey come afta dem agree to extend dia mandates and hold national elections ‘nine to 12 months afta health authorities determine say e dey safe’ sake of coronavirus.

    Objections wey odas tok be say no one sabi wen di Corona Pandemic go end or whether di goment go seek oda postponements.

    For Monday, Ethiopia upper house speaker Keria Ebrahim resign as protest against di postponement of di elections wey dem don plan for di Horn of Africa kontri.

  9. Ghana Covid-19 cases cross 10,000 mark

    Confirmed coronavirus cases for Ghana cross ten thousand mark after de country record first case March dis year.

    Ghana Health Service say dem record 291 new cases of of Covid-19 which push de total case count go 10,201.

    Number of recoveries also dey increase steadily at 3,755 after some 110 people test negative for de virus.

    Number of people wey die with Covid-19 dey stand at 48.

    Out of de total 10,201 total, de active Covid-19 cases for Ghana dey stand at 6,398.

    Below be regional distribution of de virus for Ghana

    Greater Accra Region – 6,521

    Ashanti Region – 1,799

    Western Region – 778

    Central Region – 539

    Eastern Region – 175

    Volta Region – 158

    Western North Region – 74

    Upper East Region – 42

    Oti Region – 38

    Northern Region – 37

    Upper West Region – 22

    Bono East Region – 13

    North East Region – 2

    Savannah Region – 1

    Bono Region – 1

    Ahafo Region – 1

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    You fit scroll down for Tuesday tori dem. But make we leave you with dis video from NCDC on how coronavirus take start.

    Remember, make you dey wash your hands. Covid-19 dey real.