DR Congo: Na fishing village people die pass

fishing, Mudslide, DR Congo Image copyright Getty Images
Image example DR Congo get plenti fishing villages. di place wey di mudslide happen an di fishing community for Lake Albert

Among those wey Wednesday landslide inside Democratic Republic of Congo affect, na people from fishing community on top Lake Albert na im die pass.

Officials say the number of those wey die fit begin climb pass 200, based on di number of houses wey di mud bury, after very heavy rain make part of di mountain wey dey di area collapse.

Hope to find people alive don dey reduce, because rescuers no get way to remove large rocks wey don fall.

The area where dis disaster happen na for north-eastern DR Congo.

Many parts of west and central Africa fit dey get landslide, because people too dey cut trees, and dem dey build house for hillside wey no flat.

Di same type of disaster don happen for Sierra Leone, where more than 400 people die and 600 people still dey miss, after heavy rain cause mudslide wey bury more than 100 houses.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori