North Korea: Nine West African countries fit suffer if...

Na UN Security Council meeting on top North Korea sanction matter Image copyright Getty Images
Image example US wan make UN sanction North Korea

After North Korea test big nuclear bomb on 3 September, plenty world leaders and countries dem for different continent don threaten say dem no go do business with Pyongyang again.

European Union, Japan and South Korea don vex say dem no want get anything to do with North Korea.

Even U.S. President Donald Trump do im own reach say America go stop to buy or sell to any country wey dey do business with North Korea.

North Korea dey among di largest export economy for di world; dey dey sell plenty-plenty things to many countries.

Which countries still dey do business with North Korea?

According to report from Massachusetts Institute of Technology for US, na Burkina Faso dey among di top four countries wey North Korea dey sell plenty things to, inside West Africa.

Burkina Faso dey responsible for 1.2% of sales wey North Korea dey make; dis one reach like $32.8m.

For di region, Benin, Togo, Guinea, Cameroon, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Niger and Ivory Coast all together dey import things wey dey up to $14.11m from North Korea.

Na nine countries for West Africa dey import nearly half of di $100m animal and vegetable product wey North Korea dey send come di continent of Africa.

Dis one mean say if US and other countries for United Nations decide to punish North Korea with sanctions, e fit be say some West African Countries no get vegetable chop.

South Korea don fire their own missile

Image copyright Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Observator
Image example Di report from Massachusetts Institute of Technology say na China dey do import and export pass with North Korea

North Korea biggest trade partners dey for Asia

  • North Korea dey do 83% of their export business with China; dat one reach $2.3b
  • Other countries wey Pyonyang dey sell things to na India - dem don pay like $97.8m to North Korea, dis na 3.5% of all North Korea trade
  • Pakistan dey responsible for 1.5% of di money wey North Korea dey get from trade; dis one reach $43.1m

Japan: 'North Korea no get bright future'

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Image example World leaders say North Korea leader Kim Jong-un refuse to listen to wetin dem talk, say nuclear weapon no be something wey countries suppose fire anyhow

West Africa countries wey dey sell to North Korea

Senegal, Benin, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone put together don make nearly $14.6 million dollars from North Korea for 2015.

But China na di biggest seller to North Korea, with $2.95b; other countries wey dey sell plenty market to North Korea include India ($108m), Russia ($78.2m), Thailand ($73.8m) and Philippines ($53.2m)

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