Spanish officials don seize $260m cocaine on top boat

165 box of cocaine wey dem sieze Image copyright EPA
Image example Officials don seize cocaine two times for di months wey just pass

International law enforcement officers for Atlantic don seize almost 4,000kg of cocaine wey im value for market be like $260m.

Dem find di drugs on top one boat between Madeira for Portugal and Azores islands.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Na UK agency NCA been give information about di cocaine to Spain customs and police

Officials see 165 box dem wey dem don pack di cocaine put, and each one na 23kg - total na 3,700kg - wey dem hide under cooking area of di boat.

E still never dey clear where dem bin dey carry di drugs go.

Na National Crime Agency (NCA) for UK pass information about am to officials for Spain wey dem come use take corner di boat.

Dem don arrest di crew wey be from Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Dem hide di cocaine under di area wey dem dey use cook on top di boat

Di operation wey catch dem na collabo between Spanish customs and police and NCA from UK.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Dis cocaine wey dem seize go affect drug market for people wey get am

"Dis big amount of cocaine we seize go cause palava for international crime groups dem, and e go make dem lose di hundreds of millions of pounds wey dem for make if to say dem see am sell". Dis na wetin NCA spokesman Mark Blackwell talk.

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