Nigeria: Monkeypox virus don enter Lagos, 6 other states

Monkeypox infection on top pickin dem Image copyright mdpi
Image example Monkeypox infection on top pickin dem

Monkeypox virus infection wey start for Bayelsa State, Southern Nigeria on October 1, don spread enter Lagos and 6 oda states for Nigeria.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, wey confirm dis latest information give BBC Pidgin say na 31 people na im don get di infection so far.

Monkeypox na disease wey no dey happen anyhow and di first time e enter Nigeria na for di 1970s.

Which states for Nigeria di monkeypox don enter?

According to Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu wey be di Chief Executive Officer for Nigeria Centre for Disease Control di states wey di infection don spread enter include:




Akwa Ibom



and Cross River

Image copyright NCDC
Image example Foto dey show signs wey you go take know say na monkey pox virus

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control also announce say all those wey get di monkey pox infection dey receive treatment.

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