Harvey Weinstein: Dis kain sexual harassment dey Nollywood?

Harvey Weinstein Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein

E don reach almost two weeks since Hurricane Weinstein shake Hollywood and till now, e still dey generate shock all over di world.

Harvey Weinstein na one of Hollywood big producers wey fit turn anything im touch to gold.

Dis man don make plenty popular movies, win awards, make money and im don progress di career of plenty big movie stars for Europe and America.

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Image example US actress Gwyneth Paltrow na one of di actresses wey don accuse Weinstein of harassment

But since one American newspaper, di New York Times, write tori about am, say im dey sexually harass women wey wan act for im movies, Harvey Weinstein story don change from gold to poison.

Weinstein don lose im job, wife, celebrity friends and respect.

UK and US police don begin investigate am after some of di women say im rape dem.

Dis Weinstein mata, don ginger other women to point finger for other men for Hollywood wey dey harass dem.

But wait first, na only for Hollywood this thing dey happen?

Image copyright Meg Otanwa
Image example "I don hear rumours of harassment" - Nollywood actress Meg Otanwa

Meg Otanwa, wey be award winning actress for Nigeria, say sexual harassment dey happen for di Nigerian Film Industry a.k.a Nollywood, di same way e dey happen for other big movie industries for world.

She say no producer don ever harass am, but she don hear rumours.

''When l first start to dey act, l hear say some powers for Nollywood dey do am".

Dat na wetin she tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Busayo Iruemiobe.

Di Nigerian film industry popular all over Africa reach other countries for world and e dey generate work and money for di people and country but for media e no too common to hear stories of sexual harassment. .

Image copyright Tope Oshin/Facebook
Image example Tope Oshin na one of di top women movie director for Nollywood

But men ogas pass women ogas for Nollywood production companies and one producer tell us say, harassment na natural thing when man and woman dey involved.

For media, tori of harassment like di one wey happen to Weinstein no too popular but you go hear am when actresses dey go audition for movie role.

Tope Oshin, wey be one of di top women director for Nollywood, tell BBC say she don experience sexual harassment for beginning of her career when she be actor and e no go surprise am if e still dey happen.

''One producer for movie wey I dey act touch me for place wey im no suppose to, and when l ask am say why im dey behave anyhow, im ask me say 'wetin dey do me', 'why I no dey cooperate'''.

''Na when l begin dey make plenty noise on top im head, and people dey wonder wetin dey happen, na im di producer do quick-quick beg me''.

Oshin talk say di kain people wey dey suffer harassment pass na actresses wey dey find movie role wey go help dia career.

Image copyright OC Ukeje/Facebook
Image example Vanessa Nzediegwu dey centre for dis movie.

For Nollywood, na men dem dey do producer pass, and na producers get di power to decide who go act or who no go act.

Both Oshin and Otanwa agree say na dis power wey men get dey shack dem make dem misbehave.

Vanessa Nzediegwu, wey be actress/director, talk say if you get talent and you dey work hard, last-last, people you dey work with go dey serious with you and give you respect.

Vanessa feel say Nollywood don become very professional, things don improve, one kain standard don dey so things like sexual harassment no too popular again.

Oshin and Nzediegwu na examples of women wey don begin make dia own movie.

Some people dey say if di number of women producers increase, maybe harassment go reduce so tey, e go expire.

Oshin talk say last-last na people wey dey di movie industry for Nigeria suppose change.

''Na di duty of di producer make im no dey harass person because im get power''.

She still talk say people wey don suffer harassment suppose open dia mouth, make noise. Make dem no believe say na from heaven change go happen''.

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