Morocco: King don sack im ministers and other top government ogas

King of Morroco, Mohammed IV. Image copyright AFP/Getty
Image example Na only king palace get all di power for Morocco.

Morroco king give plenty of im ministers and some other top government oga sack letter as dem no fit settle protests wey dey happen for Rif region of di country.

Protest bin start for October last year after police seize di market of one fish seller wey later die. People bin accuse di police say dem dey corrupt.

Di protests scatter things for di region come still spoil di economy. Na dat one make Mohammed IV wey be di King of Morroco sack im ministers.

Di ministers for education, planning and health mata plus some other top government oga dem na di people wey collect sack letter from di King.

King Mohammed no happy say di ministers no fit find solution to di bad economy and all di wahala wey dey di country.

Di King bin launch one development plan for 2015 but till today, dem never start di plan.

Na one investigation committee come find out say na some kind mago mago dey delay di development plan.

Political protests no dey common for Morocco because na only di king palace get all di power for di country.

Nasser Zefzafi wey dey champion di protest and 29 other people don dey face trial for Casablanca unto say nobody approve dia protest.

Zefzaki lawyer tell tori people say dem fit sentence Zefzaki to death but judge don shift di case go October 31.

For July, di king forgive plenty of di people wey dem arrest for di protest.

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