Borat give us Kazakhstan, new movie Brave Storm go give us Kyrgyz

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Image example Dis Kyrgyz for movie, go give dentist serious wahala

People wey dey live for one Central Asia country don find out say dem share di same name with aliens for one new Japanese movie.

Di Japanese movie, Brave Storm, wey suppose enter cinema for November no too different from other films where good and bad guys dey fight demsef for control of di world.

But e don attract people for di country of Kyrgyzstan after e surface say, di name of di bad guys inside di film na ''Kyrgyz'', according to Kaktus Media for Kyrgyzstan.

Di idea of dis new movie wan resemble movies like, Di Terminator and Pacific Rim, where for di year 2050, human beings scarce for planet earth.

So one small team of humans, travel go back time before 2050, go build robots wey go fight di Kyrgyz aliens wey wan control planet earth.

Even though e no too clear why di producers give di bad guys di name Kyrgyz, di original people wey get di name no mind at all for social media, sotay e dey sweet dem sef.

"No be today I don know say we no be ordinary people," na wetin one person talk for di Facebook page for Kaktus Media;

Another person talk say: "We Kyrgyz people like to laugh. We dey alright because we no mind to laugh at our self."

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Image example Robots dem dey ready for war

Some don talk say, if dia neighbours, Kazakhstan, fit survive di 2006 film Borat, then Brave Storm na small thing.

And one person even use di film laugh at di civil service for di country, ''E dey hard to separate di monster wey dey di movie and any Kyrgyz government official."

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