Saudi Arabia don give 'Sophia' di robot citizenship

Sohpia di robot Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Na one Hong Kong company create dis robot.

Saudi Arabia don carry citizenship give one female robot wey no be human being.

Di robot wey her name na Sophia get human being face and she be di first robot wey be citizen of any country.

Sophia collect di citizenship on 25 October for di Future Investment Initiative for Riyadh.

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Sophia talk say she dey proud as dem make her di first robot to become citizen for di world.

Di person wey create Sophia na David Hanson wey be di owner of one Robotics company for Hong Kong. David talk say Sophia na di most beautiful robot for di whole world.

Dis robot get right pass women for Saudi Arabia?

Sophia picture and video don begin spread for social media and some people feel say dis robot don already get more rights pass women for di country.

Sophia use English follow di people talk and she no wear di headscarf and abaya wey Saudi women dey always wear for outside.

Some people even feel say e no make sense as Saudi government give robot citizenship when some people no even get any country.

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