'I no dey shame to buy Okrika'
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How second hand clothes dey reign for Nigeria

Some people dey call am Okrika or OK for short. Some sabi am as "bend-down-select" but people wey wan speak big grammar dey call am "thrift".

Second hand clothes na any fashion item wey people don use before. E fit be bag, shoe, clothes or even underwear.

Second hand clothes popular for Nigeria sotey musician Julius Agwu sing song for di late 90s about am wey im call Bend Down Select.

United Nations talk say e fit reach 80 percent of Africans wey dey wear second hand clothes even though some East African countries like Kenya and Uganda dey plan to ban am for 2019.

Even sef, e get some group of people wey shame dey catch to buy okrika for Nigeria because dem no want make people catch dem as dem dey bend down for road to buy am.

To solve dis wahala, different people don begin sell second hand clothes, bags and even shoes on top social media.

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