Nigeria: Attackers kill eleven, wound four for Plateau state

Plateau state, Nigeria
Image example Police never arrest anyone on top di attack but dem talk say dem dey investigate di mata.

Attackers don shoot and kill eleven people for Plateau state, North Central Nigeria.

Dis villagers wey dem kill dey waka go house after dem go Rim-Diyen market for Riyom, when bad-bad people attack dem for Tuesday night.

Di killers wound another four people before dem escape.

Di Plateau Police Command talk-talk person, Mr Terna Tyopev tell News Agency of Nigeria, say dem don carry di people wey wound go hospital.

''We never arrest anybody yet on top di attack but we dey investigate di mata and we no go rest until we catch all di attackers' Tyopev talk.

Dis attack na di latest wey don dey happen for plenty villages for Plateau state wey include Wereh, Foron and Rim for Barkin Ladi Local Government, as well as Miango, Jebu, Taegbe and Ncha for Bassa Local Government.

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Image example Youth dey protest after dem kill some people for Jos, north central Nigeria on December 1, 2008

But Riyom, wey dey get di kain wahala before-before, don calm small till now.

Villagers for Riyom talk say di attackers dey wear military khaki but authorities talk say na wen dem investigate di mata dem go get di real tori.

Tyopev don beg di people of Riyom make dem coolu temper, say make dem no fight anybodi, make dem no revenge.

''We go increase security for di area'' Tyopev talk.

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Image example Riyom rocks na tourist attraction for Plateau state

Plateau wey dey enjoy peace before-before don turn become magnet for sorrow, tears and blood for years now.

Na just dis October attackers kill over 30 people for Jos.

One of di palava wey dey ground na fight-fight between tribes and religious violence between di Christians wey claim say na dem first come Plateau and Moslems wey dey move about come settle down for Plateau.

Another palava na di turn-by-turn fight-fight between farmers and herdsmen.

Di state, wey don suffer plenty fight-fight for more than a decade, bin enjoy small peace for two years before di gunmen return in September.

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