Ghana: Over 100 just return from Libya

Illegal African migrant try help another man to climb inside boat for Mediterranean sea Image copyright AFP
Image example Many thousands of African migrants dey try follow desert and sea to reach Europe, every year

Na over 100 Ghanaians wey dem detain for Libya just return back to dia country on top flight wey di government arrange for dem.

BBC tori person Thomas Naadi say dis Ghanaians bin go Libya in di hope say dem go from dia enter Europe, but dem hook for Libya, where dem detain dem as illegal immigrants, until dem see chance come house.

Kojo Wilmot we be di National Project Officer for UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) tell BBC say "all di governments for West Africa suppose join hand, to make sure say we tell everybodi, especially we young people about di danger wey dey anyhow travel to Oversea."

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Image example On 21 November, more than 200 Cameroon people na im land for Yaounde Nsimalen airport from Libya

Mr Wilmot add say im organisation IOM get wetin dem call Voluntary Return Program for any person from Ghana and all West African countries like Senegal, Nigeria, Togo and Benin, to help dem whenever dem don dey ready to come back home.

"Till date, IOM through we join-bodi wey we get with other government agency dem, don help bring back over 13, 000 sub-Saharan African nationals to dia different-different countries."

Many West African people, some wey young like 19 years, dey take all sorts of way take travel go Libya, as most wan from dia enter Europe, all to find better life. But on getting dia, dem dey enter wahala of immigration officials dia and others go fall inside di hand of people wey wan sell dem like slave.

Na dis one make Nigeria Vice President Yemi Osinbajo announce on Wednesday say di government go form committee wey go look into di matter of dia country people wey don hook for Libya and also to stop di anyhow illegal travel wey Nigerians dey do.

Macron: France no go dey give Africa order

On 28 November, di Nigerian government bring back 242 of dia country people from Libya even as one Nigerian official say more people still go return.

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Image example For October, some Nigerians too return from Libya

Ivory Coast, wey bi another West African country arrange for over 200 of dia people to come back. Dia president, Alassane Ouattara believe say people wey dey involved in buying and selling of human being for Libya suppose face justice.

"All di people wey dey commit dis crime, for me... must not escape justice from ICC... e no dey enough to just condemn am," na wetin Mr Ouattara talk.

Meanwhile, France president Emmanuel Macron don announce say Libya don agree to make sure say di people wey dem detain fit go back to dia country quick-quick.

As dis one dey happen, na so IOM Director General William Lacy Swing still say dem dey work on plan to shut down all dis places wey dem dey keep illegal people put for in Libya.

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