Online slimming pills dey very dangerous

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Image example Medical sabi-people say plenty of di pills get things wey dey banned inside am.

People wey dey put eye on top medicine matter for UK don warn say slimming pills wey people dey buy online fit dey very dangerous.

Some of di health palava wey dem fit cause na heart problem, eye problem and diarrhoea. Di medical join-bodi say some of dis slimming pills get some ingredients wey dem don ban.

Di Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) tell people make dem go see dia doctor first, before dem buy any slimming pill.

One survey wey dem do with 1,800 people wey dey try lose weight find out say na 1 in 3 people bin buy pills online and dis pills bin worry 2 out of 3 of dem. Na 40% of dem talk say dem buy di medicine online because dem no wan follow any doctor talk.

'E make me wan vomit'

Image copyright Yejide Uthman
Image example Yejide bin wan slim down sharp-sharp, and na im make her buy slimming pill online.

One of dis set of people na 23-year-old Yejide Uthman wey bin use around $20 buy slimming pills on top Internet because of di 'yeye' promise wey dem use advertise am like how person fit slim down with di medicine in just 3 weeks.

Some days after she begin use am, di pill come begin worry Yejide for belle sotay she wan even vomit. She talk say di pill taste am like yamayama for mouth.

Dat na di last time Yejide use any sharp-sharp method to slim down. Now, she no dey rush herself to lose weight again. She dey chop all di things wey she like, in small-small quantity.

She dey tell girls wey wan slim down make dem stop to dey chop carbohydrate - instead, make dem dey protein and only sugar wey dey natural like honey and fruits.

Three tips to make sure say you no buy fake slimming pill

  • Before you buy am, check whether di seller dey registered and if dem get license to dey sell slimming medicine online.
  • Carry am for mind say even slimming pills wey herbal or all-natural fit get serious side-effect too.
  • No use your hand prescribe medicine for yourself; go see your doctor first wey go give you correct treatment.

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