Nobel peace prize winners wey dia hand no pure

Rohingya refugees arrive at a camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Photo: 28 September 2017 Image copyright Reuters
Image example E pass 500,000 Rohingya people wey don run comot Myanmar to Bangladesh since late August

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, wey be di United Nations oga for human rights, don talk say anybody wey get hand inside di kill-kill of thousands of Rohingya Muslims for Myanmar, South East Asia dis year go face justice.

Hussein say im dey shine im torchlight on top everybody from ground to di ogas at di top including di civilian leader of Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Dis wan wey Hussein wan join Suu Kyi for di list of di bad people for Burma wey dey in charge of di kill-kill of Rohingyas na big thing because for over 15 years, Suu Kyi use peace fight for democracy and human rights for Burma wey make am popular for all over di world.

As person wey don win di Nobel Peace Prize for 1991, people expect say she go do like Nelson Mandela and try unite di country but Suu Kyi do u-turn side with only di majority.

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Image example Suu Kyi no show face for di last UN General Meeting wey happen

But protesters for all over di world don vex for Suu Kyi after dem say she no chook mouth when di Myanmar military begin burn di villages of di minority Rohingya people, attack civilians sotay hundreds of thousands of dem run comot enter Bangladesh.

Even though Suu Kyi no get direct power to control di military, dis kain strong power she get for mouth pass di country president own sef.

E don reach seven other Nobel Peace Prize winners including South Africa Archbishop Desmond Tutu wey don beg Suu Kyi make she open her mouth fight for di Rohingya people.

Dis don make people think whether dem do mistake believe say Suu kyi na like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

But no be only Suu Kyi wey don win Noble Peace Prize come later do thing wey shock people.

1. European Union (Nobel Peace Winner for 2012)

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Image example Many migrants dey use Libya take enter Europe

Amnesty International people talk say European Union hand no pure on top wetin dey happen to migrants for Libya.

Amnesty talk say as EU dey try to stop migrants wey wan travel enter Europe, dem dey support "system wey dey suffer people and wicked dem" for Libya.

EU dey join hand with Libya Coast Guard people, and tori be say di Coast Guard dey carry migrants wey dem catch give smugglers wey dey suffer and sell people.

Amnesty talk say EU know say dis bad thing dey happen but dem no wan do anything.

2. FW De Klerk (co-Nobel Peace Winner for 1993)

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Image example South Africa last apartheid president FW de Klerk

One month before former South Africa president, FW de Klerk, travel go Oslo for Norway go collect Nobel Prize award, im order security forces to kill members of di Azanian Peoples' Liberation Army fighters, di military wing of di no-nonsense Pan African Congress. Di people wey die include pickin dem.

On top dat one, one senior South African policeman during apartheid for di country, when di white minority dey rule di black majority with force, don talk say di last apartheid South Africa president FW De Klerk na bad man wey get blood for im hand.

Police Commander Eugene de Kock, wey dem release for 2015 after im do 21 years for prison, claim say na di ex-president give am order to kill black activists and freedom fighters.

De Kock still talk say im ready to go court against Mr de Klerk but Mr de Klerk answer back, say na lie de Kock dey talk.

3. Henry Kissinger (co-Nobel Peace Winner for 1973)

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Image example Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger na Israeli- American wey become one of di most powerful man for world during di cold war between di former Soviet Union and eastern Europe for one side and America and western Europe countries for di other side.

Kissinger na national security adviser and secretary of state for US president Richard Nixon during di Vietnam war but na man wey people don connect with bad-bad America foreign strategy.

British writer Christopher Hitchens for im book ''Di Trial Of Henry Kissinger'' talk say Mr Kissinger na war criminal wey join with hard military governments like Pakistan, Greece and Indonesia to do bad things.

Tori people say Kissinger use CIA remove di government of Chilean leader Salvador Allende wey be communist government for 1973 come give power to General Augusto Pinochet wey be friend to US.

One Spanish judge wey dey investigate crimes wey happen for Chile under di Pinochet regime, Baltazar Garzon, don try to question Mr Kissinger about di deaths of Spanish citizens for Chile during di 1970s.

Mr Kissinger don talk say na true say mistakes happen when im be dey government.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori