'If dem no produce Nnamdi Kanu, voting no go happen for 2019.' - Wife
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'If dem no produce Nnamdi Kanu voting no go happen for 2019' - Wife

'Both Police, Army, Court and di Nigeria government need to tell me where dem keep my husband, Nnamdi Kanu, wey be di leader of Biafra. Voting no go happen for next year election.'

Im wife Uchechi Kanu say her husband, wey dem never see for six months, suppose be "di number one issue" as di country wan begin plan February 2019 vote for tear rubber president and lawmaker dem.

Na where im dey? Uchechi tell BBC Igbo service for dis interview say her people no go join bodi for di 2019 vote if government no produce her man.

Nnamdi Kanu dey lead di Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) movement, wey wan create Biafra country from some states inside south east Nigeria where dem dey speak Igbo language.

Already di government don ban IPOB say dem be terrorist and carry Nnamdi Kanu go court.

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