'People no dey believe say I get four Guiness World Records'
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Guinness World Records: Adetunwase Adenle get reach four sef

Many good things dey happen for our country wey we no dey know about or even hear about sometimes.

Na so BBC News Pidgin tori person Usifo Omozokpea meet Adetunwase Adenle of Ecole de dessin wey be artist, teacher and ontop dat one get four Guinness world record for hand.

E set record for di biggest painting wey di highest number of people don ever paint, and e big reach size of football field - Adenle use dis one take teach pickin from yama-yama places how to paint, draw and celebrate Nigeria at 50.

Image copyright Yusuf Durodola
Image example Di largest painting as dem display am wit school children dem

Adenle still set anoda record for di highest number of children wey dey read together for one place for di same time, to encourage children to dey read book dey go. Di guy still get world record for di highest number of children wey dey wash hand for di same place, to help pickin sabi how to dey clean, and escape disease.

Di number four Guinness world record wey Adenle get na for di biggest post office stamp, wey dem take celebrate Lagos at 50 years old.

Image copyright Bayo Moboriowo
Image example Di largest post stamp, wey him do wit Lagos state Government

Im don work with Lagos state government and some organisations and NGO dem to make dis things happen and to make sure say di pickin wey him dey follow work go benefit some things from di project dem.

Adenle na Nigerian wey dey live for Lagos, e say im go still set more world records if e see di thing wey im go take use am touch people life dem and do better thing for im country.

But with all dis one, di guy still dey call imself “di only Nigerian wey get four Guinness world record, wey nobodi know.”