'I don tire for Nigeria': Country pipo wan make government publish list of property dem seize.
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Nigeria looted property: 'Make EFCC dey publish list of wetin dem seize' - Nigerians

Nigerians don tell BBC News Pidgin wetin dem fell about word wey Ekiti State governor Ayodele Fayose use take blast di Presidency.

Fayose dey vex about all di land, houses and car dem wey di government and di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) don seize.

Im say: "Nigerians wan know how many properties dem recover, and who buy dis properties. Who give carry go for di sell-sell? Because e be like most of dis properties, dem don sell and resell am dey go."

One man tell us say: "As di governor talk am, e no bad. But make dem do am with justice.

"E good make we know people wey really chop di money," na wetin one woman talk.

Another person sef troway microphone comot we face: "I no get interest for anything wey Nigeria dey do. my heart no dey there at all."