Meet di Ghana boy wey fit bark like dog, sound like goat and over 50 other animals

Wetin we call dis Video,

Ghana boy who dey imitate sound of over 50 animals want enter Guinness Book of Records

Dem say talent be cheap pass table salt, but some talent never fit be cheap.

Justice Osei, be Junior High School dropout for Ghana who discover as animal sound imitator di time he dey train goat den sheep as 12 year old boy for Kumasi.

He fit dey imitate over 50 animals demma sounds wey dem dey respond to as if say he be one of dem.

Animals like dogs and cats for in neighbourhood dey respond to am if he make demma sounds, what dem no know be say he be person.

BBC News Pidgin Reporter Favour Nunoo go meet plus Justice Osei wey he reveal say in friends for Kumasi support am plus money which he dey carry go internet café go watch den listen animal sounds.

Justice say once he hear di animal in sound e dey stick for in head inside, e no fit comot.

For seven (7) years now he master chaw animal sounds, he display over 50 give BBC Pidgin. But now Justice Osei get new ambition, he want enter Guinness Book of Records dem turn in talent into something which go fit bring am money.