Paul Biya: Cameroon president weh e no di stay for kontri

President Paul Biya

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Cameroon get presidential elections for October and kontri pipo di wait for hear if de 85-years old big massa go wan stand again.

Cameroon President, Paul Biya don bi for pawa for 35 years. How weh e over stay for pawa so, na tok for kontri, but de taim weh e di spend for outside kontri don ginger international reaction, as Paul Melly weh na associate fellow for Chatham House di explain.

As deh di condemn President Biya for yi kain style weh e no di control anything 'hands-off', e bi chair cabinet meeting weh e nova stay after two years.

Mr Biya dey for pawa since 1982 and e don bi one of de presidents dem for Africa weh stay for pawa for long. Since e dey for chair, Cameroon don manage komot for 'crise economique' and komot form one part for get plenty party dem.

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Cameroon footballers bin bow to greet Biya and im wife Chatal

But e rule don lef mark with pipo weh deh di tief moni and change for seka gain from democracy go reach taim weh e change years weh president suppose stay for pawa for 2008, and e give chance make deh elect e again for 2011.

60 percent for kontri pipo dey around 25 years and deh no bi don born some wan wen big massa take pawa. Pipo wan work and something for make dia life.

Swiss hotel

Dis wan na de wahala weh Mr, Biya di face as e wan decide if e go stand for election weh e go make yi forty years for pawa for kontri weh e di hungry for see change.

De plenti waka waka, as e no di stay for kontri don make pipo di shie eye for weti e di do.

De waka waka for white-man kontri don cause quarrel between national daily newspaper Cameroon Tribune and wan NGO, Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, (OCCRP) weh e komot de taims dem weh president Biya di spend for white-man kontri from de newspaper.

Deh also estimate say yi for fit don spend laik three years for white-man kontri from 2006 to 2009. Na Intercontinental Hotel for Geneva be yi best destination.

Cameroon tribune weh na paper for ngomna say de investigation 'na clear election propaganda'.

President Biya e style for no control anything don make critics for call yi 'absent president'.

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OCCRP check say president Biya fit don spend 60 days outside kontri last year for private visit.

Even as e dey so de relation show how Cameroon be bi under British and French rule. President Biya just laik de former president Ahidjo, komot for Francophone region and de prime minister na always Anglophone.

Analyst for Cameroon weh e no get party say president suppose lef head of ngomna do e job.

E nova stay as e hold after e change some ministers and na de same thing e do for 2015 when e bi change ngomna.

Dis taim deh bi check say Mr. Biya go announce if e go be candidate for elections or not for stay for pawa-but e no make laik say e di check dat kain thing.

Language Mata

E don pass one year, weh Cameroon Anglophone regions for Northwest and Southwest dey inside crisis.

De crisis bi start with lawyer and teacher dia protest as deh bi di ask for beta use for English.

But tension rise sotei reach confrontation between security forces and separatist militants weh dey di fight for restoration for Ambazonia, pipo die for all side and for 93 days deh close internet for Anglophone Cameroon.

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President Biya don enter China dis week

Ngomna be take measures for shine eye for de language mata but de situation still di look bad. Britain and France for back- back don di press for dialogue.

President Biya answer back na for change ministers for March 2 as e di signal carrot and stick style: hold security, law and order strong and e balance'am for create ministry for decentralisation, as how weh e bi promise for give more local control development and public services.

E use cabinet meeting for show e support for e ministers as dey follow e strategy for hold security strong for Anglophone regions and for give local pipo more control for dia own affairs dem.

Na so de waka waka big massa as deh di call yi wan show strong hand and e di ready for loosen'am.