"Buhari dey run for 2nd term na fever be dat"
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Buhari 2019 announcement dey make Nigerians react

Nigeria presido Muhammadu Buhari, don announce say im wan run for 2019 presidential elections and Nigerians don follow BBC News Pidgin talk dia mind on di mata.

E don reach some months now wey rumour don dey go round say president Buhari fit decide to run again, so dis morning wen im personal assistant Bashir Ahmad announce for social media say di president wan run, many pipo no surprise at all. In fact many dey expect am.

Some Nigerians wey follow BBC News Pidgin talk say di presido suppose consider im age and leave di gofment to anoda pesin wey young pass am to lead.

But some say na im right to contest, and say notin dey wrong wit dat one.

On 16 February 2019, Nigerians go enter poll to vote for dia new president.

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