Meet di 'Ordinary President' wey dey ginger pipo

Meet di 'Ordinary President' wey dey ginger pipo

For early morning before 6 am go even nack, men, women and even pikins dem don gather for the gate of Human rights radio.

As dem stand each of dem come with dia problem; some dey sick and want help, odas dey come fight for dia right and e get some na just to come find chop money.

As dem line up for hours dey wait for dia turn to feature for di live radio show.

Dia main goal na to meet dey man wey dem call di ordinary president Ahmed Isah.

Studio wey dey turn sorrow into joy

7:30. am sharp di programme signature tune go start and di voice of di ordinary president go shout-

Hembelebe and di pipo go shout holololo.

E dey first start with joke to make di pipo smile so dem go forget dia sorrow.

And as dem start to to talk dia story, e dey listen to dem and ontop live radio e dey help dem solve dia problem, even if na to call di person or office wey suppose handle di mata as di program dey happen live.

"For here we regain our dignity as pipo, e give us hope, wetin Human Rights commmission and complaint commission no fit do,

"no person wey don come here wey no get im problem solve", Umeche innocent explain.

And as dem leave dey studio dey become new pipo with hope say person dey wey dey fight for dem even if government don fail.