'I be like fly wey fire dey draw'
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I be like fly wey fire dey draw - Peju Alatise

‘Art dey do like society and society too dey copy art, so wit di way tins dey go for Nigeria, di tin dey turn belle.

Na so award winning artist, architect and writer Peju Alatise take mark her 20 years wey she don dey do art for di ‘Paradox, Paradigms and Parasites’ exhibition.

Di artist tok say "e come be like say to stay for Nigeria come be like fly wey fire dey draw, pesin no know wetin to do, weda to run comot or to stay but make I tok as e dey do me for belle."

With art work like ‘silence’ wey dey tok about young African pipo wey dia boat capsize as dem dey cross Mediterranean sea to go Europe and many goment do like dem no see, dem no hear.

'Flying Girls' and 'Deep sleep' show how important e be to allow girls go school and for schools to dey safe wey be say dem no go kidnap or rape dem dia, make dem know book.

‘Rotten to di core’, ‘see me see somebody’, ‘unconscious struggle’ and ‘sticks’ na way she dey take hala make pipo begin wake up tok and do somtin about di social and political mata for Nigeria.

As election don dey come, she dey advise make young pipo begin gada informate wey go help dem comot corrupt politicians if dem ready to change di way tins be.

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