IGP dey wrong to bone senate
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IGP vs Senate: 'Na wetin National Assembly don turn to be dat'

Di one wey Inspector General of Police Idris Ibrahim say im no break law as im bone di summon of di senate for di third time dey make pipo wey sabi law for Nigeria react.

Femi Falana, wey be human rights lawyer, say di Nigeria constitution no give senate power to drag di Inspector General or any oda pesin come National Assembly except if na mata of corruption.

''Section 67 (2) of di constitution talk say, dem fit bring minister come NASS unto mata wey concern im ministry. Di only time dem fit drag public servant come NASS na unto mata of corruption or if dem wan change law wey go affect di pesin.'' according to Falana.

Falana talk say senate make big mistake as dem cari di mata of Senator Dino Melaye inside dis battle dem get with di IGP.

Im say even di mata of suspected herdsmen killing wey dey trouble plenty states for northern Nigeria, na di minister of di interior or di Attorney General of di kontri dem suppose talk to.

But anoda lawyer wey sabi politics well-well, Liborous Oshoma, say na di senate dey cause di boning wey dem dey chop ontop di hand of di Inspector General of Police.

"Na wetin di national assembly don turn demsef to dats why dem go invite di IGP wey dey draw pay from taxpayers money."

"Di senate, wey dey represent taxpayers, go invite pesin to come explain somtin and di pesin go tok say im send im junior officer instead because im dey busy."

Oshoma say di mata no straight again because of how senate turn am to Dino Melaye mata, instead of all di herdsmen killing wey dey happen for di kontri.

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Image example Di oga of police no gree show all di time wey senate invite am come.