WHO don arrest Lassa Fever for Nigeria

Health official for di Institute of Lassa Fever Research and Control, Irrua, Edo State Image copyright AFP
Image example Health official for di Institute of Lassa Fever Research and Control, Irrua, Edo State

Di World Health Organisation don talk say di number of new cases of Lassa fever don reduce

Di UN health agency say di way di sickness reduce for di last six weeks show say na sign say di disease dey under control.

Since last year, Lassa fever no gree Nigeria see road and dis year alone e don kill around 106 pipo.

Na 423 pipo wey don cari di fever dis year and e don kill 106 pipo, according to Charity Warigon, wey be talk talk pesin for WHO.

One of di things wey fit cause Lassa fever na contact with food wey bush rat don either piss or poopoo on top.

Image copyright Matthieu Aubry
Image example Rats wey dey cause Lassa fever plenty for West Africa

Warigon talk say na only three new confam case wey don reach dia ear inside di week wey end for 6 May.

WHO troway salute give Nigeria for di way dem drag wit Lassa fever but dem advice goment make dem no match brake.

Dem promise to continue dey give Nigeria support wit di war against Lassa fever.

Warigon still talk say, ''WHO go continue to help states wey don suffer new cases of Lassa fever, we go give dem di tins dem need to investigate new cases, treat patients, prevent new sickness etc.''

''We dey advice health workers to shine dia eye well well wen dem handle patients wey cari di fever.''

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At least 37 health workers don catch di disease and e don kill eight of dem.

WHO advice health workers to dey use Lassa fever bullet proof wey include gloves, face masks, face shields, and aprons wen dem dey handle suspected Lassa fever patients.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori