Cameroon: Meet Elangwe Sessee weh e di do realism painting
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Meet Elangwe Sessee, di Cameroonian weh e di do realism painting

Elangwe Sessee na graduate weh e di do realism painting for Southwest region for Cameroon, and e di teach pikin dem for draw and paint.

"Dis kain painting di show de everyday life for pipo; poverty, happiness, just de tin weh e di happen around me", Elangwe Sesse tell BBC News Pidgin.

De artist say realism painting na branch weh e start for 14th century, and na dis kain painting weh e laik for do'am.

For Sessee na mostly foreigners di appreciate e handwork, Cameroonians deh laik'am di admiram but e no easy for komot moni buy de painting.

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