'I be beautiful mistake'
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'I be beautiful mistake' - Joyce Babatunde

Cameroon Joyce Babatunde nova lef Anglophone crisis stop e passion for music.

Joyce Bih Babatunde, na Ngondere from Northwest region weh e don decide for follow e heart afta university education, for put e two legs inside music.

Babatunde (because e grand papa study for Nigeria and e give e friend e name for e pikin) di wax with energy weh e di putam for e unique style for blend Soul, Afro Jazz, Rap and Reggae den marry dem with poetry for stage.

Even as crisis for Anglophone regions slow music business, e no stop e for follow e dream and e bi among de 12 young pipo weh Germany Language Centre, Goethe Institute select for show case dia creativity.

Babatunde thrill spectators for concert with e song ‘Baby did it’ afro pop song and ‘My everything’, afro soul song weh e release online plus odas songs dem.

Babatunde tell BBC News Pidgin say music don make her discover herself, say for bi musician, “na for move dat tin weh e dey inside you, holdam tight and na dat tin go set you apart”.

De message weh Babatunde di pass for e music na, “you be amazing person, your pawa na your uniqueness, your strength and tin weh your kontri, your community, generation, all man need’am na dat tin weh e dey inside you and if you no find way for move’am for show or offeram to de world, den some tin dis miss.

You get for first believe for pawa weh you get’am inside you, as unique pesin, because dat pawa be necessary for helep move de greatness weh e dey inside you”.

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