Lagos Otedola tanker Fire: Why truck drivers neva begin enta trailer route

Cars dey burn Image copyright @Followlastma
Image example Na patrol tank cause di fire wey make Lagos goment dey tell dem to begin pass trailer routes

Di petrol tanker fire explosion of di 28th of June 2018 for Lagos, South-West Nigeria, ontop Otedola bridge make goment order tanker drivers to do test and collect VIO inspection certificate before dem go fit waka for Lagos roads.

Wen BBC Pidgin enta road for Lagos to find out how di drivers reason di mata but dem say dem no receive any order like dat.

Trucks still dey waka freely but dem no park full Eko bridge like dem bin dey do before.

But some drivers wey no gree make we show dem face say na because plenti drivers done drive enta Apapa wharf, but say dem go return to park ontop di bridge in di evening wen work don finish.

Image example No truck dey ontop Eko Bridge

Di drivers say wetin dey make dem park ontop di bridge na sake of di way Navy officers dey disturb dem wen dem wan enta Apapa wharf.

"Navy officers get plenti road block (check point)for Apapa wharf road, dem dey beat our drivers and even break dem windscreen, if we ask dem why, dem no go tok anytin".

Na so one of di drivers tok.

Image example Traffic no dey again as all di truck don comot from di bridge

Some Federal Road Safety officers wey BBC Pidgin see as dem dey control motor for road say goment tell dem to pursue evri big truck wey dey pack ontop bridge and to ensure say di truck dem dey follow trailer route.

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