Cholera sickness don kill six pipo for Cameroon/Nigeria boundary village enta Yaoundé

Wetin we call dis Video,

Cholera for Muna Garage camp

Six pipo don already die from cholera out of 43 cases for North Cameroon.

Health Minister, Andre Mama Fouda don tok say e kill one for Yaoundé di kontri capital since cholera start for North Cameroon for number five moon.

Since number five moon weh Cholera start for North, Garoua town weh e di share boundary with Yola for Nigeria Cameroon di do evri for stop'am for spread, Mama Fouda tok.

"All man get for report case for running stomach and vomiting for hospital".

Di Minister advice pipo to "wash hand wit soap, before chop, afta toilet and drink clean wata ", na advice weh Minister di send for population.

For get clean wata for some place for kontri, even capital na station of cross, some quarta dem don bi without wata for more dan five year and di use na wata for well.