Ghana fishermen say dem go defy government one month fishing ban despite $500,000 possible fine

Fishermen for Ghana say dem go defy government ban on fishing from 7th August to 4th September else dem go make huge financial loses.

Di fishermen say, dem borrow chaw monies take invest into dema business, repair dema boats, by fuel den repair dema nets ahead of August sake of dat b e dema ‘cocoa season.’

Nii Kai Okaishie III who be Chief Fisherman for Jamestown talk BBC Pidgin say “di timing of di ban be wrong sake of dat be dema season for bumper harvest, if government insist on a ban den e for arrest all fishermen for Ghana”

Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture say dem want take di ban period increase di fish stock for di sea inside, sake of e dey reduce.

But according to di fishermen, any attempt to enforce dis ban go create unnecessary hardship give dem, unless government find some money give dem for di duration of di ban.

A fine of $500,000 is to be imposed on any fisherman who defies government order and goes fishing.

Story by: Favour Nunoo