"All preparations dey ground for oil spill clean up to start"

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'No be clean up, na cover up'

Nigeria goment wan begin physical clean up of all di areas wey oil spill scata for Ogoni land, Rivers state, south south Nigeria.

Di kontri Minister of state for Environment Usman Jibril, say beginning from October, di federal goment go start physical clean up of all di communities wey oil spill don scata.

Na since 2011 United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report bin recommend make Nigeria goment begin clean up di oil spill. But till now no activity don start.

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Image example Most communities for southern Nigeria like dis one for Goi for Ogoni wey dey produce oil, don suffer oil pollution

For many many years now Ogoni pipo neva fit enjoy di many natural resources wey dey dia land becos of all di oil activities wey dey happun dia.

Di minister wey bin tok through im ministry official, Ishaq Mohammed, during stakeholders meeting of di hydrocarbon pollution and remediation project wey happun for Port Harcourt, Rivers state, say, " we don lay di proper foundation for di cleanup project to take off and we dey di last stage of preparations so dat di actual cleanup for di field for Ogoniland wey we dey hope fit start full scale for October."

Oil spill don scata dia environment sotey e dey hard to find beta drinking plus cooking water. Di water pollute sotey e hard to find fish or any oda animal plus plant for dia rivers.

Di clean up project no be welfare scheme but possible way forward to helep repair Ogoniland.

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