Steven Seagal don become Ambassador on top US-Russia mata

Steven Seagal Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Steven Seagal na one man wey be citizen for three kontris

Afta American actor Steven Seagal collect citizenship for Russia two years ago, Russia don sama am post wey e dey use improve US and Russia relations.

Russia bin give Seagal citizenship for 2016 and di actor don hail President Putin as a great world leader.

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Russia foreign ministry announce di appointment for dia facebook page, dem say di position no get salary unto say e just dey like United Nations goodwill ambassador.

Seagal go dey use di position to promote US-Russia relations.

Serbia also grant di actor citizenship for 2016 unto plenti travel wey im don do for di kontri. Dis one mean say im be one man wey be citizen for three kontris.

Na for US dem born di martial arts star but im begin dey popular aft aim follow act some movies for 1980 and 90's like 'Under Siege' movie.

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