How I use hand wey I no get write beta future for myself

How I use hand wey I no get write beta future for myself

Wen doctors for Plateau State, north central Nigeria, tell 12-year old Vitalis Lanshima say dem go cut im hand, evri tin finish for am, e loose hope say e go eva go school or become somebody for im life.

As a young boy, Vitalis bodi strong kakaraka sotay e dey do sport sef. But one day, somtin bad happun wey change im life forever.

As e dey follow do sport na, one day e dey go field go practice high jump, di sport wey im like wella.

Na so as e reach field, e cari cross bar dey go but e no put mind say electric pole dey near am.

Na so di cross bar touch di electric pole, come shock am.

Vitalis faint immediately. E tok say "Wen I open eye, I see say all my friends surround me. I say toh, una go try help me."

Wetin we call dis foto,

Na high jump sport Vitalis dey do wen im dey young wey cause accident

For di hospital wey dem rush am go, doctors dia try well-well to save im life because di condition dey critical.

But im two hands don get heavy wound wey dem no fit cure.

"Dem say Gangrene don enta, say if dem no cut my hands, di thing go kill me." Na wetin Vitalis tell BBC Pidgin.

"So I decide say, ok cut my hands."

Wetin we call dis foto,

Vitalis say young pipo no suppose give up hope as long as life dey

To dey find hope inside hopeless situation

Vitalis family give up hope. How dem wan start? Wia dem wan go? Dia pikin wey dem born complete wit leg and hands, no get hand again. How e go come be?

Di hope wey dem get for Vitalis say e go finish school and arrange correct life for imsef don kpafuka.

So, for five years, dem keep am for house.

But instead wey Vitalis go siddon dey cry or go beg for street, e start to dey teach imself how to write.

And at age of 18, e decide say time don reach to go school but one problem dey school gree to give am admission.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Vitalis get degrees for many areas like communication, psychology, business and education

To use wetin you get to get wetin you want

Because of say Nigeria school no gree take am, Vitalis put mind and body for wetin im sabi pass - sport.

E start to dey train again and small time, e follow represent Nigeria for international competition like Paralympic Games wia e win plenti medals.

Because of im performance, na so Berllarmine University for United States notice am come give am scholarship to come study for dia.

Today, Vitalis get degree for Communication and Psychology, Masters for Business and anoda Masters for Education.

Vitalis life na lesson to pipo wey go normally give up wen bad tin happun to dem. E use wetin im get plus determination to reach level wey pesin wey get two hands sef dey struggle to reach.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di next agenda na say Vitalis wan represent im Jos pipo for federal constituency

Wetin remain wey im wan do?

Vitalis dey advise young pipo say make dem no give up hope as long as life dey.

Di next agenda na say Vitalis wan represent im Jos pipo for federal constituency.

E dey plan to contest for Jos North/Bassa for 2019 election and e say wetin dey ginger am na to help do law wey go helep pipo wey get disabilities.